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Posted by Touchoffaces on Oct 26,2016

Your makeup products are only as good as the tools you use to apply them. You can transform a common everyday drugstore foundation into a professional looking airbrushed finish. Take a gooey lip product and use it to sculpt and define your lips, versus applying it with a finger. Brushes reduce your risk of breakouts as long as you keep them clean. They also reduce the risk of wasting your products because they only pick up a little at a time. The following lists offer the best brushes on the market.

Buying your makeup brushes in a set not only saves you money, but equips you with everything you need. This makes applying makeup easier and more enjoyable, with professional-looking results. The ideal set should include application and blending brushes for the eyes and face. Some can perform more than one task; for example, lip and liner brushes can usually be used interchangeably. These brushes are soft and gentle on the skin, while giving you results that will exceed your expectations.

This is truly the ultimate makeup brush set -- with 36 different face, lip and eye brushes, it has everything you could possibly need! Made from a mix of synthetic and natural bristles, they let you line, blend and shade to create the perfect look. They come in a travel-friendly faux-leather case with a silver-toned clasp.