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Okitter is a fresh and vibrant online store that aims to stay on top of the latest software in order to provide our customers with the best. We have fast established ourselves as a reputable and reliable company that is able to stand toe-to-toe with some of the most well-known online marketplaces. Our goal is to unlock the revenue in your business by joining our partnership program.  As a partner, you get solid presence and larger audience on, so that you can reach even more customers. Our Partnership programs are specially designed to give you the tools you need to expand your business and increase your sales through          

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  • Unlimited Listing
  • Free Featured Ad.
  • Free Premium Ad.
  • Free Magazine Feature.
  • Free Trade Review
  • Free Event Video broadcasting
  • Free Urgent postings
  • Free Posting Assistance


Unlimited Listing

Our membership program allows you to post unlimited listings. The more you post, the more you sell! 


Free Featured Ad.

This is specially designed to give your Ad more visits. 



Free Premium Ad.

Our membership allows your business to have a bigger presence on 



Free Magazine Featured

Our membership allows you to have access to our exclusive Okitter magazine and other features as well.


Free Trade Review

Our membership allows you to write a review about your product, your business for Okitter magazine and also attract more visit to your Ad.



Free Posting Assistance

Our qualified and professionals are always ready to offer their assistance to registered partners.



  • We are continent’s No 1 marketplace with wide range of products and thousands of buyers and sellers
  • We have large database of businesses listed on our Directory section
  • Your Ad is exposed to thousands of daily page and Ad viewers
  • Your Ads stand out of thousands of normal listings and gives your Ads more chances of being shown at the Top of related category listings as Featured, Premium or Spotlight and urgent Ads section.
  • Regular exposure through our Okitter magazine, Okitter Reviews and Okitter Events section.
  • Get assistance on websites development and search engine optimization.
  • Promotion through Facebook Ad boosting and Google Adwords.
  • Choose between our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum partner scheme.


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Okitter regularly recruit verified professional personnel to carry out our trade support which includes:

  • Posting support
  • Sales support

Okitter support is a premium service where postings , buying and selling of items and even publishing are done by verified Okitter support professionals. With the support service, the Okitter verified workers can easily upload or publish, and sell any items intended to sell by our registered users. This items may includes appliances, phones, cars and even houses.

Okitter support service comes in two forms



This is a premium service that involves the support workers in assisting in posting items on behalf of the seller. The support worker meet the seller, takes the picture of the items and post on behalf of the seller. This is very good for our valued users that have little or no time to do the posting by themselves but are interested in marketing their product with us. This service attracts fees of 2000naira per section. Each section last for three hours, payment can be make direct to support worker who will issue a tradepark receipts or pre-booked online or by calling 08031334343.



This is also a premium service which includes services of taking calls from buyers and actively look for buyers for the items in addition to services mentioned in Post support. A minimal fee is charged for this service as agreed with the seller.



  • Relax while the support workers work for you.
  • Get professional Ads on the site that will get the attention of the buyers easily.
  • Sell with comfort and convenient while the support workers get the business done.
  • Support workers accept calls on seller’s behalf, whereby guarantees privacy of the seller.
  • Support workers verified products before sale, thereby improving the safety of the sales channel.

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  • Our okitter support workers are highly verified trained professionals to help users manage posting of items, negotiations and closing of deals.
  • To verify Okitter support officials, ask for ID and/or confirm with Okitter customer service while on site by calling 08031334343.
  • This service is only available in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt